trade imports in a sentence

Exceptions were made permitting the states to grant bounties on mining and (with the consent of the parliament) on exports of produce or manufactures - Western Australia being for a time partially exempted from the prohibition to impose import duties. Free trade does not lower wages or cause persistent unemployment There is nothing new in the current hullabaloo about free trade, jobs, and trade deficits. In the first place, the movements and position of the heavenly bodies point to such occurrences as are of public import and affect the general welfare. The exports are chiefly coffee, hides, ivory (all from Abyssinia), gum, mother-of-pearl and a little gold; the imports cotton and other European stuffs, cereals, beverages, tobacco and arms and ammunition for the Abyssinians. The average annual import of Persian and Turkish opium into China is estimated at 1125 piculs, and if this quantity were to be reduced every year by one-ninth, beginning in 1909, in nine years the import into China would entirely cease, and the Indian, Persian and Turkish opiums no longer be articles of commerce in that country. Of the import trade Hong-Kong supplied 86%, and of the export trade 70%, Cochin-China, Tongking and Annam claiming the remainder. In 1904 the value of foreign imports had risen to -'2,7 57,962, but the exports amounted to {1,742,859 only, the comparatively low figure being accounted for by the Russo-Japanese war. No better picture can be obtained of its overwhelming economic impoverishment than by studying the figures which show the decline in the crop returns for Austria, and taking into account the fact that imports from Hungary and the territories under military occupation naturally fell far below the proportion of foodstuffs formerly imported. Synonym Discussion of trade. There is an ad vat orem duty of 8% on imports and of about I% on exports. You can often find beaded Christmas ornaments in import shops, such as Cost Plus, or even thrift shops. those of laying duties on exports or imports, keeping troops or war-ships in time of peace, entering into agreements with another state or foreign power, engaging in war unless invaded. Televised final table spawned an entire have limited import petersburg Ivan ivanovitsch. The extent to which these growing imports were associated with a decline in value is shown in Table XVI. The U.S. merchandise-trade deficit widened in October as imports reached the highest in more than a year, outpacing a gain in the value of exports. The most important place of derivation and of destination for the Austro-Hungarian trade is the German empire with about 40% of the imports, and about 60% of the exports. The total imports per capita and the duty collected upon them per capita have been as follows since f 885, taking every fifth year: f885$IO32 and $3.17; I89o$I2~35 and $362; I895$fo61 and $2.17; I900$fo88 and $3.01; 19o5$1308 and $3.f1~ 19o8$1357 and $3.24. As markets for German products the colonies remained of small importance; in 1907 the whole value of the trade, import and export, between Germany and her colonies was less than ~3,3oo,ooo, and the cost of administration, including the grant to the shipping companies, often exceeded the total trade. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Of the total importations of all kinds of coal to Hamburg, that of British coal, particularly from Northumberland and Durham, occupies the first place, and despite some falling off in late years, owing to the competition made by Westphalian coal, amounts to more than half the total import. A ban on the import of foreign radioactive waste and spent fuel 3.4 Britain must stop being a nuclear dustbin for other countries. The shares of the ten nations having the largest part in the trade of the country were as follows in 1909: Imports from Exports to Great Britain 247,474,104 521,281,999. Although Leo did not fully comprehend the import of the movement, he directed (3rd February 1518) the vicar-general of the Augustinians to impose silence on the monks. Even the Sega Dreamcast has a version of DDR, but you have to import it from Japan and the Dreamcast dance pads are a pain to find if you don't have the PlayStation to Dreamcast adapter. Peter had endeavoured to import from western Europe the essentials of good government and such of the useful arts as were required for the development of the natural resources of the country; Catherine did likewise, but she did not restrict herself to purely utilitarian aims in the narrower sense of the term. 16), and introducing other less desirable imports, such as foreign cults (Isa. What is the definition of import? The principal imports are coal, timber and slates, and the principal export stone of the Transition limestone or Devonshire marble. This version also allows you to import data from spreadsheet programs, track inventory and have multiple users work on your bookkeeping at the same time. 127 Imports from Canada and Mexico were excluded from the line pipe measure on the basis of Article 802 of NAFTA, which provides for the elimination of safeguard measures between NAFTA members in certain circumstances. Revenue is raised by taxes on imports and exports, on licences for the sale of land and spirituous liquors, and for wood-cutting, by harbour and other dues, and a hut tax on natives. In the import trade Cape Town is closely rivalled by Port Elizabeth, but its export trade, which includes diamonds and bar gold, is fully 70% of that of the entire colony. and the exports at 57,477,320 soles - the former showing a considerable increase and the latter a small decrease in comparison with 1906. The city has a large import and export trade for an immense region watered by the Maranon, Huallaga, Ucayali and other large Amazonian rivers navigated from Iquitos by lines of small boats. Whatever program you use (and you can really use almost any program, including Microsoft Word, but it won't make for fancy pages), to get started you open a document and import your picture or pictures that you want to use on the page. Example sentences with "intra-firm trade", translation memory. If the secession of the slave states was truly immoral, than of what possible import was the legal right? Of the total imports from 1912-3, one-half come direct from India and a quarter from the United Kingdom direct, the balance from foreign countries, European and Asiatic, in about equal proportions. The yearly fairs at these places received the imports from Europe and the colonial trade of the Pacific coast, first collected at Panama and then carried over the isthmus. Some 70% of the import and export trade was with Germany, the remainder being almost entirely with Great Britain. For the year 1898-9 the present writer obtained figures directly from the books kept by the custom-house official at Tabriz, and although, as this official informed him, some important items had not been entered at all, the value of the exports and imports shown in the books exceeded that of the consular reports by about io per cent. The import of coal in 1906 was 439,494 tons, being nearly double the average for 1901-1905. Pattern Maker: Create and edit your own pattern, build a pattern from clipart, or import a digital image and convert it to a pattern. It is equally true that, when under the influence of special local or other demand - proximity to towns, easy railway or other communication, for example - the products which would otherwise be retained on the farm are exported from it, the import of town or other manures is generally an essential condition of such practice. Negotiations were undertaken to increase the customs import duties by a further additional 4%.

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